Recent publications

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Gordon, Liz (2017) Experiences of grandparents raising grandchildren in getting income support from Work and Income offices in New Zealand. Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences 12, 2, 134-145. 

Gordon, Liz (2017) “My daughter is a drug addict”: grandparents caring for the children of addicted parents. Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences (online, to be published in issue 13.1) 

Gordon, Liz (ed.) (2018) Contemporary research and analysis on the children of prisoners: Invisible Children.  Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Our two presentation from the International School Choice and Reform conference are available here.

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Click here for reform and equal educational opportunity in the USA.

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Report on case studies of ten restorative schools, 2011. The final report is being prepared for publication at present, and will appear on the Positive Behaviour For Learning pages of the Ministry of Education website. The summary report is available on the education page of this website.



The Māori children of prisoners report is available here.



The final report of the study of the children of prisoners isavailable here. 

As well, the slides for the recent (March 2012) presentation to the Justice Ministry Horizons seminar are here.


The Invisible Children report, which first laid out the evidence relating to the effects of parental imprisonment on the children, is available here.


The Ako Aotearoa codes report is online and can be accessed here.

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